Why UL508A Standards Matter

UL508A logoUL508A is the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rating that provides standards and certifications for electrical control panels. It promotes safety, sustainability and consumer confidence in electrical control panels.

If you think UL raking is something out of the past, you are correct. In fact, the practice of safeguarding the public against the dangers of fire hazards dates to 1894, when UL did its first test on what was claimed to be “non-combustible” insulation material. Fast forward to 2014, when the venerable UL label appeared on close to 22 billion units ranging from your toaster to industrial control panels and pump controllers.

UL rigorously tests electrical components. It also canvasses industry experts, manufacturers and end users. This helps maintain industry acceptable standards as technology develops. UL508A standards mean that UL agents can regularly inspect UL certified control panel shops. This helps confirm that all UL labeled panels meet UL508A standards and specifications. Many end users require that their manufacturing partners be UL508A certified panel shops. To meet these strict requirements, all components used in the control panel must either be UL listed or UL recognized. When you see that UL label, be confident the control panel has met stringent standards for competency and quality.— Rich Kreekon