Consider Support Service When Buying Pump Controllers

A pump supplier can have the best, high end pumps in the world available to his customers. But it’s the electrical pump controller tells the pumps what to do. If the pump controller is not operating properly, neither will the pumps — no matter how good they are.

The pump control panel is subject to lightning strikes, operator error, component failure,  and other items that can bring a system down. All of this can affect the pump distributor who sold the pump to the end user in the first place. The  most important part of that pump controller is the support service available to both the pump supplier and the end user. Since these pumping systems tend to be critical to a building or system operation fast and reliable service is a must.

Today an attempt is being made by some controller suppliers to make pump control panels more of a commodity. This is an effort to reduce pricing. Ultimately, effective service and support becomes a victim of low prices.

The lesson is: Cheap controllers become very expensive when failure occurs in the field and the pump distributor ends up bearing the blame from the customer. Having a pump control panel supplier who understands this and supports their products is paramount to the success of a pump supplier.  — Rich Kreekon