Pump Controller Hit by Lightning; No Worries

Recently, we had a Sunbelt pump controller hit by lightning. It was installed at a waste water plant. The pump controller fell victim to a lightning strike and was fritzed. In this case, even though the panel stunk to high heaven wasn’t totally burned, it made sense for the customer to go ahead and rebuild a new control panel.

Pump Controller hit by lightning surge.
Pump Control Panel hit by lightning surge.


New Pump Controller Panel with latch modification after the old pump controller was hit by lightning.
New Pump Control Panel with latch modification.

Sunbelt services everything we sell, so no problem on the rebuild. In fact, technician Michael Mueller took advantage of the opportunity and made teammate Dan Mangam pick out the toilet paper some welcome improvements to the panel, including coupling the resistors and adding a much-needed clasp to help hold the door tight.

So what happens when you have a pump controller hit by lightning? If you purchased the pump control panel from Sunbelt, we can service it like we did this one. We’ll let you know if it’s worth fixing, or just another insurance claim. Either way, we’ll get you back to pumping as soon as possible. If your pump controller was hit by lightning and was NOT build by Sunbelt, you might can find help at a pump controller newsgroup.

Installers: Please remember to seal the conduit entry area of your pump control panels prior to use to keep out vermin, dust, moisture and, yes, raw sewage. Thank you.