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Pump Control Panels


Sunbelt Power Controls is a UL508A certified pump control panel shop offering economical simplex, duplex and triplex pump control panels. By building pump control panels up to 600 volts and 200Hp, we minimize costs and pass that savings on to you. We also offer custom solutions utilizing PLCs, liquid level controllers, transducers and soft starts.
We Support What We Sale


We support what we sell. When lightning strikes, heat takes its toll, or the harsh conditions in the field finally cause problems for your pump control panel, you can call us at Sunbelt for total support. We can troubleshoot your problem and provide standard replacement parts generally within a few days. If your pump motor control wasn\’t manufactured by Sunbelt, that\’s OK. We can help.

NEW! Solar Detention Pond System

Developers and municipalities are increasingly required to adhere to runoff regulations. Detention ponds need time for sediment to settle before opening the drain valves. Our SOLSTICE solar powered control panel is designed for areas where electricity is not available or is cost prohibitive.