Pump equipment repair and Hurricane Florence

If your water pumping capabilities are affected by Hurricane Florence, please call us. In fact, call us ahead of the storm and be first in line when you need help.

We have experience with Harvey and the damage it caused to the Texas Gulf Coast a year ago, plus almost four decades of experience helping Gulf Coast manufacturing and water pumping facilities get back on their feet after tropical storms.

Motors, switchgears, controls, gearing, and vehicles…they all need replacing and the repairs can be costly.

Innovative-IIDM, the owner of Sunbelt Power Systems, is a Dallas and Houston area controls distributor is without peer, and doggedly committed to their clients without question or compromise.

Now it appears that areas from Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia are in the path of a what could be a Category 4 storm. If you are in or near the path of these massive storms, first and foremost take whatever measures necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.

If you are a business or industry negatively affected by the loss of your of water pumping control systems, please contact us. We can respond quickly with new replacement control panels to help get your systems back on line.

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