Super Economy Pump Controllers

Models SE-5 and SE-25

The SE-5 and SE-25 pump controllers are designed for high reliability in small spaces. Super Economy Pump ControllersThese panels control pumps ranging in size from fractional HP 120VAC single phase up to 15 HP 480VAC three phase and come standard with a single main incoming disconnect switch for easy connectivity to incoming power.

Standard Controller Features:
• Main incoming disconnect switch for incoming power
• CUL 508a listed for use in the United States and Canada
• NEMA 4X FRP lockable enclosure with mounting feet suitable for indoor or outdoor use
• High water alarm with a top mounted red lexan flashing light, external horn, and
pushbutton stop
• Remote high water alarm dry contact for building monitoring systems

Additional Options:
• Seal fail sensing relay and light per pump for alarm only
• Temperature sensing relay and light for shutdown, alarm and automatic reset
• Float switches for proper operation

List Pricing
Please specify voltage, phase and full load amps per pump. Single phase motors require capacitors, which are priced separately.

SE-5 and SE-25 Pump Controllers contain the following:

• NEMA 4X FRP Enclosure
• Main incoming power disconnect switch
• “Power on” light
• Fused control power transformer (3 phase only)
• Motor circuit protection with overload for each pump (3 phase only)
• Horsepower rated contactor for each pump
• HOA switch and “run” light for each pump
• Alternator with selector switch (for duplex controllers only)
• Dry alarm contact for remote monitoring of high water alarm
• Terminal strip for connection of float switches and alarm contact
•UL 508A label

List Pricing
Model Number Phases Description Full Load Amps per Motor List Price
SE-5-1 1 Phase Simplex, 120V/230V 0-25 Amps $750
SE-5-3 3 Phase Simplex, 230V/480V 0-25 Amps $800
SE-25-1 1 Phase Duplex, 120V/230V 0-25 Amps $900
SE-25-3 3 Phase Duplex, 230V/480V 0-25 Amps $1,000
Available Options
Option SE-5 Simplex SE-25 Duplex
Seal Fail Alarm Light Only $140 $280
Pump Temperature Alarm Light and Shutdown $100 $200
3-Float Switches with 15’ Cord $100 $100


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