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Pump Controller Hit by Lightning; No Worries

Recently, we had a Sunbelt pump controller hit by lightning. It was installed at a waste water plant. The pump controller fell victim to a lightning strike and was fritzed. In this case, even though the panel stunk to high heaven wasn't totally burned, it made sense for the customer to go ahead and rebuild…

Visit Our Pump Motor Controller Shop

A few weeks ago in Houston, before all of the flooding, I was at a factory that makes residential HVAC units, among other things. While waiting in the lobby, two buses pulled up and in flowed about 120 men and women wearing naUL508a pump motor control panel shop at Sunbelt Power Controlsme badges around their neck.

Goodman manufacturing had invited all of their distributors for a three-day symposium and plant tour. Headsets were passed out, and the master of ceremonies spoke into a lapel mike as the rest of the group followed him onto the plant floor, all hearing the narrative on their radio headsets. Pretty dang cool, even for an AC factory.

Electrical Control Panel with On/OFF indicators from PatliteNow here at Sunbelt Power Controls, we don't have near the dog and pony show for visitors. But we can show you a really nice UL508a panel shop where we construct our simplex pump motor control panels and other custom manufacturing. You'll be able to talk to our tech and check out the quality of the workmanship for yourself. We'll even show you a disco ball we have in our conference room if you want. If you're in the northern corridor of Dallas, we are located in Carrollton, Texas. Stop by and see us. We'd love to give you a tour.


Sunbelt Power Supply Unveils New Company Logo


Take a look at our new company logo and our first post on our new technical tips blog. RSS or bookmark this page for updates in the future. What do you think about our new logo?

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